Salvation Tracts

Tracts one through six deal with different parts of the Old Testament word picture surrounding salvation by grace through faith, drawing from Gen. 1, 3, 4, 22; Ex. 12; Num. 21. Then, tracts seven and eight deal with the salvation message from a general perspective.

In the Old Testament Scriptures, through using different types, God introduced and made known all the various things pertaining to salvation by grace. Each type on the subject presents different facets of a central word picture, with all of the types together presenting a complete word picture. And if a person understands the matter from the perspective in which God laid it out in the Old Testament, he will not experience problems correctly understanding salvation by grace as it is then seen in the New Testament.

All false teaching and ideologies surrounding salvation by grace — something rampant in and out of Christendom today — can be traced to a common source. They can all be traced to a failure to begin where God began and understand matters from the perspective in which God revealed them in the opening part of His Word.

And the preceding would be true relative to the whole panorama of Biblical doctrine, not just salvation by grace.

As Seen in the Earth's Restoration
As Seen in Adam Partaking of the Tree
As Seen in Cain Slaying Abel
As Seen in Abraham Offering Isaac
As Seen in the Death of the Firstborn
As Seen in Moses Lifting Up the Brazen Serpent
What Must I Do to Be Saved?
Without Cost, Without Price

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